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 YUNGBLUD Opens Up About His Struggles With Mental Health and New Single “Breakdown”

 On Sound Mind’s latest episode of Unmasked, YUNGBLUD spoke about his struggles with Depression and Mental Health, along with the story behind “Breakdown.”


In the music world, vulnerability becomes art, and the spotlight has increasingly turned towards artists who bravely address mental health challenges. YUNGBLUD, the British sensation whose raw lyrics and electrifying performances have captivated audiences worldwide, recently made an appearance on Sound Mind’s signature video series, Unmasked. 




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See latest videos, charts and news

This platform, known for its candid discussions on mental health, provided YUNGBLUD a stage to share his personal journey with depression and advocate for mental health awareness in the music industry.

Born Dominic Richard Harrison, YUNGBLUD has swiftly risen to prominence with his genre-bending music that defies conventions and deeply resonates with a generation grappling with its own set of anxieties and uncertainties. An appearance on Unmasked brings fans and viewers into his world, helping us gain a deeper understanding of the struggles behind his energetic persona. 

YUNGBLUD has always been vocal about his battles with depression and anxiety. Through his music, he channels these emotions into anthems that resonate with young listeners worldwide. Songs like “Medication” and “Loner” confront themes of mental health head-on, offering a sense of solidarity to those who may feel isolated in their struggles.

On Unmasked, YUNGBLUD opened up about the complexities of his journey, discussing how music became both a sanctuary and a means to connect with others facing similar challenges. He emphasized the importance of destigmatizing conversations around mental health, particularly within the music industry, where pressures and expectations can exacerbate existing issues. By sharing his personal experiences, YUNGBLUD encourages fans to prioritize their mental well-being and seek support when needed.

“This song was written as a message to myself to try and exist alongside my insecurities and my darkness by grounding myself and remembering what is real in life and that the world is so much bigger than me,” the artist explained about his latest track, Breakdown. “It’s about getting out of your head and noticing the world around you, the things and people. Connect with them, the chances are they probably feel the same.” 

Sound Mind’s Unmasked series provides a vital platform for artists like YUNGBLUD to share their stories authentically. By amplifying these voices, the series not only fosters understanding but also sparks meaningful conversations that challenge societal taboos surrounding mental health.

As YUNGBLUD himself aptly puts it, “Remember what is real. Help people, be kind, help the world, help yourself. You’re probably living more than you think.”

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This article was originally published on www.billboard.com.

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