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Membership Packages

Explore our tailored advertising solutions designed to elevate your brand’s visibility and reach. Whether you’re looking to amplify your presence through radio spots, targeted digital campaigns, or a comprehensive multichannel approach, we offer flexible packages to suit every marketing need. Each level provides a strategic combination of radio airtime and digital enhancements such as daypart targeting, website banners, and social media integration. Discover how our packages can effectively boost your marketing efforts and connect with your audience on multiple platforms.

Welcome Package



1 radio ad per hour

Radio + Basic



1 radio ad per hour

Plus choice of:
Daypart targeting (plus 1 radio)
Banner ad on website (plus 1 radio)

Radio + Robust
Digital Package



2 radio ads per hour
Plus choice of:
Daypart targeting (plus 1 radio)
Banner ad on website (plus 1 radio)
Social media posts (plus 1 radio)

Radio + Comprehensive Multichannel Package



3 radio ads per hour in prime-time slots:

  • Weekday early evenings 6-10pm (plus 1 radio)
  • Saturday 11am-3pm – And/or weekend mid-day. (plus 1 radio)

Plus choice of:
Daypart targeting (plus 1 radio)
Banner ad on website (plus 1 radio)
Social media posts (plus 1 radio)

Guaranteed morning/afternoon drive time-slots

Top banner ad + sidebar ad on website

Social media posts + customized email blast

Enhance Your Reach

Sponsorship and Digital Packages

These are add-ons that advertisers may select to supplement their core radio ad inventory.

Sponsorships are priced in-addition to Level Memberships – e.g.:

  • Local News Sponsorship $7/week
  • Weather Sponsorship $5/week
  • Sports Sponsorship $3/week
  • Entertainment Program Sponsorship $9+/week

Sponsorships are limited to one advertiser per daypart or segment to retain exclusivity. Sponsors may rotate weekly or monthly to share opportunities.

Memory Maker Radio2 will read a “sponsored by” tag at open and close of segment. The station will provide additional digital promotion of sponsors on our website/social.

Advertising Structure of Memory Maker Radio2’s Multi-purpose Packages:

Website Packages:

Offer banner ad placements at various sizes/locations on website pages. Banners can be static, rotating, or re-targeting based on price point. Consider premium homepage placements, section targeting, sponsorship deals.

Suggested Bundle Options:

  • Starter Web Package: Sidebar banner ad on all pages, 1 month
  • Featured Web Package: Top banner + sidebar, 3 months
  • Premier Web Package: Full banner + content integration, 6-12 months

Social Media Packages:

Posts on our social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.). Can include image/text posts, video content, live-streaming. Suggested pricing is per post or per month.

Email Marketing:

Mentions in email newsletters sent to our subscriber list. Dedicated promotional emails on behalf of sponsors. Bundle with other packages or price per send.


Overarching Tips:

  • Lead with your core radio inventory, then layer on other elements.
  • Highlight audience reach/values across each platform.
  • Offer term-based packages (monthly, quarterly, annually).
  • Provide scaled packages at each level tailored to investment size.
  • Custom options for large/long-term advertisers.

Peak Dayparts/Drive Times:

  • Morning Drive – Weekdays 6am-10am
  • Afternoon Drive – Weekdays 3pm-7pm
  • Midday: 10am-3pm on weekdays (popular with at-home parents and retirees)
  • Evenings: Weeknights 7pm-12am (attractive for dining, entertainment, events)
  • Overnights: 12am-5am (ideal for bargain seekers and Direct Response/Infomercial advertisers)
  • Weekends: Saturday & Sunday 6am-10pm (or all weekend, popular for retail, recreation, community events)

Primetime Level 4 Slots:

  • Weekday early evenings 6-10pm
  • Saturday 11am-3pm – And/or highly rated weekend mid-day slots

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